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Our founder and experienced executives develop and shape the company's future in mobile payments

Management team

Peter Krapfl, CEO

Striking his first major deal at the age of 15 by developing and successfully distributing two computer games worldwide, Peter quickly discovered the potential of IT. He worked for companies like Ashford, Cromemco, TopCall and the Philips Research Labs.

In 2001 he founded DaoTec, an international telecom company, and invented the base technology that led to the development of the DaoPay service.

Peter also works as court certified expert for information technology and software development for the Republic of Austria.

Peter Krapfl


Oliver Jura, COO

Oliver started in the field of logistics and soon became general manager of an international forwarding  agency and transport enterprise. At the end of the nineties Oliver developed the idea of a virtual freight broker and went on to found the Eulox Logistics Exchange in collaboration with Bertelsmann, SAP and Hermes Kreditversicherung.

In 2003 he crossed industries and moved into telecommunications, and joined DaoTec in 2005.

Oliver’s experience, language skills and his focus on Internet businesses are success drivers for the development of DaoPay's products and services.

Oliver Jura



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