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These are the people behind DaoPay.
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“Finance made with style”
Regulation and dedication.
Lower Austrian horse riding/diving girl.

Sabine Pirkl

Working at DaoPay for 6 years and knows the product inside out. He is the walking DaoPay knowledgebase and therefore a salesman to trust! In his free time he is hardly ever seen without a guitar in his hands. Zlatko is the sunshine of the office and always has time to crack a few jokes or to cheer you up. Loves: Cats, cheesecake, his guitars and Guns N’ Roses

Zlatko Kecenovic
Reinhard Fischer

Knows DaoPay inside out.

Table football king of “slow cross”-goals.

"Kärntnerisch" is the most sexy Austrian dialect.

Josef Florian
Odyle van Uden

Legal and compliance is not grey, it is colourful and bright.

A smile that lights up the office.

Citizen of the Twin City (Bratislava/Wien)


Natalia Krokosova
Werner Zmugg

Pragmatically academic or academically pragmatic.
Knows the integration from alpha to omega.
“My name is Patronas, I solve problems”

Alexander Patronas

My EMACS pinky CTRLs the system

Stefan Eichberger

Austro-Venezuelan polyglot, in both living and digital languages. A philosophical approach to life by feeding the brain food for thought. "By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out" (Richard Dawkins)

Roy Brichta

From the centre of Russia to the centre of Europe.
Easy-going analytical thinker.
The name of the game? SALSA!

Lyudmila Kholodulina

Senior software engineer since 1999. Aydin has three children and speaks German, English and Turkish. Interested in astrophysics!

Aydin Polat

Economist, originally from Colombia, always trying to find a balance between his passions (football/travelling) and his struggle (learning German).

Olvis Gil

Passionate web software developer with an excellent feel for usability and graphic UI. For the perfect balance Oliver composes electronic music. The full media package


Oliver Ritosa

„ A day not laughed is a day wasted“
Reliable accurate.
Albanian flair with Wiener Schmäh.

Marjana Angjeliu

Seyi is passionate about great technology and his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.  When he's not playing squash, football or cycling he is busy thinking of how to disrupt the world of payments.

Oluwaseyi Akin-Olugbemi

Says "All your base are belong to us", while capturing your portal. Knows every bit and byte from the DaoPay system and its architecture. Eats, sleeps and breathes new technologies (when not eating croissants).

Michael Nussbaumer

Marion joined the Dao family over 5 years ago. In her spare time she enjoys riding her horses accompanied by her dogs.

Marion Kausich
Bernd Holzhausen

Dedicated number cruncher pur sang. Resistance is futile.
Digits are a part of him. “Heast, erzähl ma kane Gschichtln!”

Markus Appel
Sivan Asraf

VP Sales and Business Development. Persistent and dedicated - Drives business for DaoPay since 2008

Georg Alscher
Györgyi Háger
Lukas Ettenfellner
Agata Drabek