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  • Where do I see my next payout?

    Please log in to your DaoPay Control Center and click “Payouts”/”Reports”. In the drop-down menu you can choose the report called “Payment Overview” and it will require you to enter a period. We recommend using a period no shorter than a year for a better overview.

  • What is the payout?

    Payout is the percentage of what you get out of the Net Value. In the phone billing industry, payment providers have agreements with phone operators, aggregators and other intermediaries. As a result, payment providers are capable of sending only a percentage of the total amount (payout).

    Net Value is Gross Value minus local VAT (if applicable).The difference between your payout and the net value covers the local carrier fees and DaoPay’s service fee. Carrier fees include the billing process and a reserve for chargebacks in almost all countries except a few.

    DaoPay’s fee includes customer service for Buyers and Sellers, integration support by our specialists, maintenance of all technical infrastructure, all short codes and international phone lines. We do not charge a monthly fee or any setup cost.

  • What are the Terms & Conditions for billing?

    The payout terms of phone payments are mainly driven by the payment collections of our local telecom providers. Buyers receive their phone bill usually some weeks after the billing period. They then have some more weeks to pay for their bill unless and until they haven’t chosen direct debit connected to their phone bill.

    Until we receive our payments from our local operators we do and can NOT payout to our sellers, as it’s a legal obligation set by our license. Click here for more information.

  • What is a security deposit?

    Local regulations force carriers in some countries to keep Security Deposits. A percentage of your payout is being held back for a certain period before being paid out to you. These hold backs are stated together with your monthly statements and have a later due date.

  • Which currencies are used for payouts?

    Our standard currency is EUR. Due to local regulations and laws we always display and charge the local currency in each country (except for international voice billing). Therefore all payments from our operators get converted into EUR as we receive them.

    Payouts may be made in EUR, USD or GBP. To save on currency exchange fees, Sellers may consider installing two or all three currencies for different bank connections. All other currencies will be converted to EUR and paid to you in EUR. Exchange rate for the transfer is calculated upon per day of the payout.

    Cost of the wire transaction is being shared equally between DaoPay and the Seller.

  • How do I edit personal information in the DaoPay Control Center?

    In this case we would ask you to contact your DaoPay Account Manager in order to make the necessary changes.

  • What countries do you operate in?

    DaoPay operates in 60+ countries and is continuously growing its reach. For further information on payout and countries please contact your Account or Sales Manager.


  • Why do I need to sign an NDA?

    The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) serves to protect information we give to you about our payout offer and other sensitive details that you are not meant to share with third parties.

  • What is KYC and why do I have to complete this?

    KYC stands for “Know-your-customer” and is needed in connection with our licence as a payment provider. We are required to collect a certain amount of information and documentation from all of our merchants and partners in order to comply with regulations set by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA).

  • What happens if I don’t send the KYC documentation?

    After failing to provide required documentation, we will be forced to deactivate your account temporarily until all documents have been sent to us.

  • How can I close my DaoPay account?

    If you would like to stop using DaoPay, we recommend contacting your DaoPay Account Manager for advice.