DaoPay makes payment processing simple and stress-free for all. Whether you are a start up or a long serving business – we have the best solutions for your exact business needs.  Our dedicated sales team will guide you in customising the most favourable tailor-made offer based on your target market, business model and goals.

We provide 100 payment methods worldwide all with the ease of 1 contract and 1 API. Our clients are from the gaming industry, fundraising, e-commerce, retail, telecom services, cryptocurrency and many more. Get started today and see some of our most popular offered methods. 

DaoPay Phone Payments allows users in over 50 countries worldwide to make simple purchases via mobile or landline phone. This patented method covers Direct Carrier Billing, Premium SMS and Voice Call payments.

DaoPay Phone Payments allows users to make cashless payments via mobile or landline phone in 50+ countries worldwide. Our patented payment method is available for Direct Carrier BillingVoice Payment and Premium SMS. 

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the fastest way to pay online. It is also known as web billing, wap billing or mobile payment. DCB is the latest payment option offered by majority mobile operators worldwide. DaoPay implements DCB technology to offer various types of payment flows: asking the end user to enter their mobile number, texting a message or calling a local or toll-free number.

Premium SMS (PSMS) payments allows the end user to send a message with the order code to the number provided. Usually there are several difference price points available. Mobile operators use two type of SMS payments:

MO (Mobile Originated): The end user sends the given number of text messages including the order number to the specified service number. Once the text messages are received, the purchase is completed.

MT (Mobile Terminated): The end user writes and sends a text message to the specified service number. In return, they will receive a confirmation message stating the costs. The customers must verify this SMS by sending “Yes”. DaoPay then sends one or more text messages to your end user to complete the purchase.

Voice Payments are made by calling a premium rate number and offer a wide range of tariffs per country. DaoPay offers three types of calls:

Time Based Call: billing is done to the second of a call so the merchant is able to charge at their desired price point. The end user dials the service number provided and enters the corresponding order number as shown on the screen. The amount for that order is charged to the end user’s phone bill.

Drop Call: are a great means to charge end users a larger sum with one short call. On average, these calls last a few seconds to confirm the order number and play the required announcements.

VISA is one of the leading global credit card payment solution companies. It serves private individuals, businesses and financial institutions in over 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Credit card payments via VISA can be deployed online in a matter of seconds. Users input their personal credit card details and the transaction is completed. VISA cards can be used for both online and offline shopping.

As credit card is a highly known and popular method available worldwide, you can provide your users with a method they know.

  • Available in over 210 countries and territories worldwide
  • Increased security options like 3D Secure

Mastercard is one of the leading global credit card payment solution companies. It serve private individuals, businesses and financial institutions in over 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Mastercard can be deployed online in a matter of seconds. Users input their personal credit card details and the transaction is completed. Mastercards can be used for both online and offline shopping.

As credit card is the most known and popular method available worldwide, you can provide your users with a popular and known method.

  • Available in over 210 countries and territories worldwide
  • Various security features including 3D Secure

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area): is a European regulatory intiative to create a standard scheme for processing transactions in EUR currency across 34 markets. Online and offline commerce can be processed with more than 500,000,000 accounts ready for SEPA transactions.

The customer selects SEPA Direct Debit as the payment method, enters their bank account data (IBAN only, BIC is optional) and submits to complete the purchase. DaoPay’s bank will request the customer’s bank to debit the users bank account.

The customer can be informed via dynamic descriptor with 134 keystrokes on the bank statement. DaoPay sends status updates to the merchant via fully tokenized API for easy and optimized reconciliation.

SEPA is the ideal solution for European based entities and international business looking to enter into the European market.

  • Ideal for recurring business models
  • Widespread access to consumers across Europe
  • Ease of access in markets with low credit card penetration

Klarna|Sofortüberweisung is a real-time bank transfer method where the consumers are redirected to their own online banking page to complete a transaction.

After initiating a transaction, the consumer is led to a secure internet site, where they confirm the transaction with their online banking credentials (PIN/TAN). The transfer order is instantly confirmed to the merchant, allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.

Sofort provides a big market growth potential and is integrated in over 35,000 merchant checkout sites.

  • Sofort is readily available in multiple countries across Europe
  • Offers real-time payment confirmation
  • Provides secure payments

Paysafecard is a prepaid online payment method, which allows customers to pay quickly, simply and safely.

The consumer purchases a ticket voucher from their local shop which has a PIN number assigned to it allowing the consumer to go online and purchase goods and services. Available in four standard denominations: EUR 10, 25, 50 and 100. The consumer pays by entering their paysafecard PIN code. The paid amounts are deducted from the balance of the card. The consumer can make an online balance inquiry anytime.

Paysafecard has a high market relevance and available in over 650,000 outlets in more than 50 countries.

  • Acquire new consumers in new markets
  • Provides secure payments
  • Offers real-time payment confirmation

PayPal is an online payment method allowing customer to pay quickly, simply and safely by using their email address and PayPayl password only.

End-users can create a PayPal account and link a credit, debit or bank account in order to send/receive money and to complete payments online. Purchases via PayPal can be completed with just an email and password without the need to re-enter financial details during each checkout.

More than 277 million people use PayPal globally.

  • Access to customers in more than 200 markets
  • Checkout is easy and fast for your customers
  • Provides security for users as financial details are not directly shared with the merchant

iDEAL is a standardized payment method for making secure online payments directly between bank accounts in the Netherlands.

Once a user initiates an online payment with iDEAL, the user can select their own bank during the checkout process where they are led to the bank website to login their bank details. The user confirms the pre-filled payment instructions and once completed the merchant receives a notice that payment has been authorised.

Over 50% of all Dutch online shoppers use iDEAL.

  • Offers real-time payment confirmation
  • More than 2 million payments are made daily
  • The iDEAL payment standard has been adapted to be used shortly for both domestic and cross-border EUR payments

Przelewy24 is a domestic Polish internet service that facilitates the transfer of funds for payments between consumers and merchants and is linked to more than 140 major banks in Poland.

The customer selects their bank during the checkout and logs into their online bank account. After reviewing and confirming the payment details the transaction is completed. Funds are deducted immediately and the merchant releases the goods/services to the customer.

The online population of Poland is approximately 26 million people. Nearly 80% of that population utilises bank transfer as a payment method.

  • Increase conversion by providing a locally trusted payment solution
  • E-commerce in Poland is worth €8.5 billion and growing 15% per year
  • Roughly 85% of total transactions made in Poland are done via bank transfer

giropay is offered in over 1,500 banks and saving banks in Germany. It is an online bank transfer method based on PIN and TAN.

Customer chooses giropay as payment option and selects giropay partner bank. The customer is taken to their online banking environment and enters their credentials and continues the authorisation of the payment. The customer will receive a TAN to input on screen and then payment is finalised. The user is redirected to the merchants shop for retrieval of the goods/services.

giropay is an optimal real-time bank transfer payment method to offer your customers in the German region. This method is offered in over 1,500 banks in Germany with over 35 million online banking customers.

  • Payments are 100% guaranteed
  • No risk of chargeback
  • Highly trusted method by German consumers

MyBank is an online bank transfer payment method operating in France, Greece, Italy and Spain.

During online checkout, the customer selects the MyBank as the preferred payment method and is prompted to log into their online banking account. After reviewing the payment details the customer can authorise payment.

MyBank has more than 40 million active customers across Europe.

  • Wide availability to banks and financial institutions
  • Known brand with high market relevance

Qiwi is an e-wallet based payment method widely used in Russia that turns cash into digital money. Consumers can use the method both in store and online.

Qiwi wallet operates predominantly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and steadily growing in other regions. Consumers can use the method both in store and online. Conversion of cash can be done in over 170,000 kiosk points. To pay with your Qiwi wallet online the customer needs to select Qiwi as the preferred payment option. The customer will need to provide their mobile number associated to their personal account or the password. Customer will receive a code via SMS and be prompted to enter the code. Upon completion the customer is returned back to the merchant’s website and the transaction is complete. Ideal option for cash prevailing Russia.

Qiwi is an ideal method targeted for the Russian market that is majority cash based buyers. Over 62 million customers make transactions via Qiwi annually.

  • Ideal solution for Russian based target market
  • No risk of chargebacks
  • Works for customers that are online and offline

Bancontact is a Belgian based debit card payment method allowing customers to pay for goods and services in-store and online.

Bancontact works like a traditional debit or credit card. The customer chooses Bancontact as the preferred payment method during checkout, enter card details and have the option to “save” the card for future shopping. The next time the customer visits the same web shop they can pay via one click, if enabled. The card can also be used physically in store.

Between 65% – 70% of purchases made in Belgium last year were via Bancontact cards.

  • High market share in Belgium
  • No chargeback risk
  • Extremely secure payment method

PayU is available in various emerging markets worldwide with it’s leading performing country being Poland. It is a real-time bank transfer method.

Serving as a real-time bank transfer method in Poland, customers have grown to trust and support the PayU name. Provide your clients in this region with the trust and ease of paying with a method that has high market relevance and awareness.

PayU has 99% coverage in Poland and serving nearly 50% of Poland’s e-commerce customers.

  • Leads to high conversions and sales
  • Steadily expanding to other emerging markets
  • Leading top 3 chosen payment method in Poland

Multibanco is an online banking method offering ATM cash withdrawals and online payments, available in  Portugal.

Multibanco is a real-time bank transfer method in Portugal with a wide market reach to each individual with a bank account in Portugal. During the online checkout process, the customer selects Multibanco as a payment method where the customer is then redirected to their banking page. The customers enters their login details, reference number and merchant ID to complete the transaction. Payment is confirmed once the customer enters the SMS code received.

Multibanco is available with all Portuguese banks, increasing the reach to customers in this market.

  • Increased market reach in Portugal
  • Market penetration of 30% and growing

POLi is an Australian and New Zealand based method allowing for online payments to be done using your internet banking.

POLi is an online banking method used in New Zealand and Australia. Customers have the freedom to shop online without the use of private credit card details.

  • Support by all major banks
  • High market relevance for customers
  • Fast and easy to use

BLIK is an extremely popular Polish based method. The mobile payment method is supported by majority Polish banks via mobile banking applications.

During the online checkout, the customer chooses BLIK, selects their bank, then enters the 6-digit code that the BLIK app generates. Customer then confirms the purchase with their mobile banking PIN and goods/services are provided. BLIK can be used online and in-store.

BLIK has the reach to more than 70% of Poland’s banking clients.

  • Wide reach due to the use of a phone for payment authentication
  • Providing a known localised method to your end users

Yandex.Money is an e-wallet owned and operated by the biggest Russian web search engine Yandex.

Customers can fund their Yandex.Money wallets through bank transfers, cash terminals, prepaid credit card payments and more. To make use of the wallet the customer can use their assigned Yandex Wallet number or a linked mobile phone number to start and complete payments with any online merchant that accepts Yandex.Money.

More than 35 million people are using Yandex.Money.

  • High conversion rate
  • User recognition and acceptance is high
  • The leading payment method in Russia

PostFinance is a real-time bank transfer method available in Switzerland.

During the checkout process, the customer is directed to the login page of their bank to review the purchase before authorising.

  • Over 3 million customers in Switzerland
  • High market relevance

eps is an Austrian based online payment method created with the help of Austrian banks in order to provide merchants and customers with a safe and easy way to bank.

eps (electronic payment standard) is an online bank transfer payment method with a payment guarantee for the merchant. Bank customers log into their online banking environment. They review the details and authorise the payment for the funds to be credited directly to the payee’s account.
  • Increase buying potential in the Austrian market
  • 80% of Austrian online merchants provide eps as a payment method
  • Payments are guaranteed

Paysera is an e-wallet based bank transfer method allowing customers to make online payments, pay bills and process money transfers domestically and internationally between other Paysera accounts.

Paysera users can pay for bills, make online payments, send and receive money to other Paysera account cross borders. The wallet has an application where users can scan QR codes to make a payment or to check account status. Once the user has placed their online order they will be prompted to the checkout page and can select Paysera as the preferred payment method. User will be prompted to login to their account and confirm the pre-filled payment details to complete the order.
  • Growing market method with a broad country availability
  • Customer convenience as no registration is required
  • No chargebacks

Trustly is a bank transfer payment method also offering cross border payments in 20+ countries in over 3,000 banks European wide.

The customer selects their bank during the online checkout process and logs into their online banking. From there the customer selects the account from which they wish to pay, and then verifies the purchase.

Trustly is available in 20+ countries with access to over 3,000 banks.

  • A reach to nearly 600 million end users
  • Opportunity to enter new market zones