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Most frequently asked questions


  • What is DaoPay?

    DaoPay is a "Pay by Phone" payment system. It is an easy and safe way to pay online for virtual goods. For example, if you want to add “credits” to your online gaming account, you can do this by a call or SMS to a premium rate number. The payment will then be added to your next phone bill.

  • Detailed Invoice Information

    If you notice charges on your phone bill that are in connection with DaoPay, and you are unsure of how these costs compiled, please contact our customer support and ask for a detailed invoice summary.

    You can simply send an email to cs@daopay.com with a copy of your phone bill or an itemised bill. You will then receive all information in regards to the payments made with our service. Please note that we cannot give this information over the phone and only via email.


  • I initiated a payment a while ago; can I still complete the payment?

    Order numbers that were not paid for, will become invalid after 24 hours. In such a case you will need to complete the payment with a new order number.

    In case you started a payment, but could not complete it for some reason (Spending Limit reached, call interrupted …) the order number will be still valid for 45 days. During this time you can still complete the payment

  • My (gaming) account is blocked.

    In most cases the gaming account is being blocked by the game publisher, if there are outstanding payments.
    Outstanding payments happen when a phone bill is not paid. In many cases you receive a separate phone bill to the email account provided by your phone provider. Please regularly check this account to avoid these issues in future.

    For users from Germany:

    In order to pay for outstanding payments, we ask you to contact the following address. Remember to state your phone number as well.

    DaoPay GmbH
    Postservice Bremer Straße 11
    21244 Buchholz
    Tel.: 0800 – 10 037 82 (Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm)

    After paying the outstanding amount, it generally takes up to 10 working days until the gaming account is unblocked again. We would kindly ask you not to reach out to us during this time, as we have no influence on this process at all. The unblocking of the gaming account is solely done by game publishers directly.


  • I didn’t receive my product.

    If you didn’t receive your product, one of the following issues might be the case:

    1. With some SMS payments you may receive a TAN code, which you have to enter in the TAN field. If you do not enter the code immediately, it expires. In this case we would ask you to contact our Customer Support.

    2. The browser window was closed too soon and you cannot remember your pin code. Here you can look for it!

    3. Your pin code has expired or another technical issue occurred. In this case we would also ask you to contact our Customer Support Team
  • My country is not available.

    It is not possible to choose the SMS option in every country. Which countries are available is a decision that lies with the gaming provider.